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Plant of the Month:

Plant of the Month

An easy and festive plant to grow during the holidays and into the winter, this South American native comes in a wide variety of vivid colors and is often packaged in ready-to-grow decorative pots. Most come with easy to follow instructions.
Growing loose bulbs is easy. Soak the base and roots of the bulb for a few hours and then plant bulb to its neck in a good potting soil and pack firmly. Place the pot in direct light, indoors, and water sparingly as the plant grows.
To save the bulb, after blooms fade, cut the stem off and grow leaves on through summer. Remove yellowing leaves, remove from the soil in mid-summer, and store in a cool, dark place for 6 weeks. There are many web pages with information on after bloom care, or call one of Oakland's gardening experts.

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Does Oakland have what you need for holiday decorating? Well, how about this...

  20,000+ fresh cut trees, shipped from Christmas tree farms around Ohio and surrounding states.
  Thousands of fresh wreaths, miles of roping and untold bundles of greens.
  30,000 Poinsettias, Christmas cactus, and Cyclamen.
  Over 100,000 gift items and Christmas accessories.
  Festivities at every store on weekends to make tree and gift shopping memorable for family and friends.

Experience the season at Oakland Nurseries!

Garden Center

Our main store is located on Oakland Park Avenue, just east of the I-71, North Broadway exit. Our Dublin location is on Dublin-Granville Road (161), west of Sawmill Rd., Delaware store is on S.R. 36/37, just east of Delaware, and our New Albany store is located at 5211 Johnstown Road at the corner of Johnstown and Thompson Road.

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Christmas Tree Caring AdCaring for your live Christmas tree, cut Christmas tree or Indoor Holiday Plants

Click here for great advice on caring for those precious holiday centerpieces, your live Christmas tree, Cut Tree, or poinsettia.

Preparing Evergreen Landscape Plants for Winter

Last winter's deep freeze was certainly one for the record books. It's intensity showed its effect this spring with many dead landscape plants, especially evergreen shrubs. Many Boxwood, Holly, and azaleas lost the battle with the cold. Although it is unlikely that we will have a repeat of the ‘Polar Vortex’ of 2014 it does not take a record cold to kill evergreens. The right combination of sun, cold and frozen soil can kill evergreen any winter. Reduce the chance of winter damage to your evergreen landscape plants with these steps:
Cut Christmas Tree Ad
  Water plants deeply before the soil freezes, so there is water available as long as possible before the soil freezes and during thaws.
  Apply mulch or compost over the roots to conserve moisture and moderate soil temperatures during cold spells.
  Use burlap to wrap plants subject to wind tunnel winds and exposed areas. Alternatively, build a burlap fence to break the wind.
  Apply an anti-desiccant spray, such as Wilt-Pruf or FreezePruf to evergreens to limit transpiration from plant leaf surfaces. Apply before Christmas time.

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