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Plant of the Month:
The Willow family

Plant of the Month
Nothing announces spring like the diverse group of the Willow family. In early March, the slender twigs of Weeping Willow glow amber with color as the sap rises in this graceful tree. Soon after, the Willow is one of the first to leaf out. This tree is perfect for wide open spaces near a wet area or pond.
In the shrub area, the fun Pussywillow sends forth its fuzzy, pussy-toe type catkins in early March to announce that spring is not far away. The catkins are wonderful in a vase.
The variegated Hikuro Nishiki Willow sports green, white and pink colored new growth on a fast growing shrub or as a grafted patio tree. A variety of other Willow shrub species can offer interest and important wildlife habitat in an informal landscape or wet area.

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Happy Spring!

Garden Center
Winter has not so much blown away as washed away this year! Water is everywhere. The meadows ooze, and the rivers are flowing full. The ground is soggy with the sap and salve of spring. A look out the window will show that the Daffodils are pushing up while in the backyard vegetable gardeners everywhere are eager to turn the first furrow.

Oakland Nursery is ready to help you with all the “happy spring” work ahead. Stop in for seeds, plant starts, trees, or some expert advice on those pesky lawn weeds.

Our website can help you save money and make your gardening successful! So check-out the online coupons, special events and new garden articles on fruit trees, frit varieties, and vegetables. Sign up for our e-newsletter for timely reminders on special buys, upcoming sales, and garden center events.
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