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Fall 2014 Business Hours

September 6 – September 21
Monday – Saturday    8 am - 8 pm
Sunday                       9 am - 6 pm

September 22 – November 9
Monday – Saturday    8 am - 7 pm
Sunday                       9 am - 6 pm

Contact Information

1156 Oakland Park Avenue
Columbus, OH 43224-3317
Phone: 614-268-3511
Fax: 614-784-7700

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Columbus Garden CenterAs its ancient meaning implies, Autumn brings the passing of another season of growth and the harvest season upon us. Even if us ‘town folks’ are not actually harvesting anything, the fall harvest can still be celebrated at farmers markets, pick-your-own orchards, pumpkin farms, and of course garden centers. In the landscape and countryside, fall marks a time of amazing color in many trees, shrubs and plants, as they blaze forth in their final act of the seasonal play.

Come and join us at our store on Oakland Park Avenue in North Linden to celebrate the fall season and stock up on pumpkins, mums, and other plants for the garden. Autumn is an excellent time for planting most kinds of trees and shrubs, seeding and repairing the lawn, and installing landscape beds. Our gardening experts are always ready to help.

The main store is located 1 mile east of I-71, on Oakland Park Avenue. Exit off I-71 at Exit 114, North Broadway, go east to Maize Rd. Turn left (north) and go one block to Oakland Park Avenue. Turn Right (east) and proceed to the store at the corner of Atwood Terrace and Oakland Park Ave. The main offices, landscape and wholesale departments are also located here.
Columbus Garden Center
We offer the following services for our customers:

     The largest plant selection in central Ohio.
     Regional and national purchasing power.
     10,000 roses sold every year, no one comes close!
     Horticultural trained staff.
     Unique and exotic plants.
     Many varieties of fruit, nut and vegetable plants.
     Ornamental and shade trees and shrubs.
     Amazing annual, perennial and patio tropical plants.
     Houseplants, succulents, and bonsai plants.
     Water gardening plants and accessories.
     All your lawn care products.
     Seeds, bulbs, tools, and gardening accessories.
     Great home and garden gifts from near and far.

Columbus CenterSecret Places

In our frenzied lives, wse all yearn for that secret place to escape to, if only for a few minutes a day. The cozy den with your favorite chair, the hammock under the Sugar Maple, the garden bench by the fountain or the leafy garden walkway past your favorite perennials. They are special places to relax the mind and restore the spirit, and should be part of any landscape.

Let our experts at Oakland help you plan your secret place with our great selection of plants, statuary, fountains, and garden accents. We can turn a landscape that is just ‘pretty to look at’ into something special to live in.

Plants that Develop Great Fall ColorPerennials for Fall Color

The great thing about perennial flowers in the garden, is that you plant them once and they perform every year, over and over. With a little planning, you can achieve a progression of color throughout the season and late into fall, with perennials that will shrug off the cold and even a light frost. Look for these 10 perennials at the Oakland store near you, and let our gardening experts help put some fall color and texture in your garden.

Sedum: Many varieties of this tough plant, that are pollinator magnets.
Anemone: Several kinds that bloom white or pink.
Balloon Flower: Masses of blue or purple flowers.
Aster: A favorite in violet or white, especially in naturalized gardens.
Plumbago: Very tough, with cobalt blue blooms.
Helianthus, or Swamp Sunflower: For a splash of Yellow.
Goldenrod: Great tall perennial for the garden.
Yarrow or Achilla: Many varieties and colors of this broad fuzzy bloom.
Heuchera: The foliage is the show, and a great show it is.
Ornamental Grasses: Most have a fall display of seed heads which provide upright contrast and texture in the garden.

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.“
        - Henry David Thoreau

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