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New Albany Garden Center

New Albany Garden Center

5211 Johnstown Road New Albany, OH 43054 | p: 614-917-1020 | f: 614-917-1023
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Pottery, Statues And Fountains, Oh My!

At first thought they don’t seem like they should be part of the garden. They’re not affordable. Or too much trouble.

But nothing could be further from the truth. The thoughtful selection of a pot or urn can make a boring spot in the garden into a great nook. A selection of colorful, planted ceramic pots can make an outdoor living space into a lush tropical paradise. A statue or fountain and bring focus and soft hush to the garden and make it magical.

And it can be very affordable, especially now during the Thank You Sale at Oakland Nursery. Save 33% on all outdoor ceramic pottery, and 20% on all statuary, fountains and accents. So go on, get creative, and make a little magic in the garden.

Managing A Wet Year

Wow, the rain. It has been a very wet year, which followed a previous record wet season last year. For plants, especially trees, shrubs and vegetables, a constantly wet soil can be a problem in Columbus’ heavy clay soils. Excess water fills the air spaces in the soil, depriving plant roots of oxygen. This shows up as yellowing foliage, poor growth, and premature dropping of flowers and fruit. What’s a gardener to do?

For vegetables, cultivate low trenches between rows for water to gather. This helps the soil around the plant to dry quicker. When planting trees and shrubs, dig a hole twice as big as the root ball, mix in 25% shredded pine bark and the recommended amount of Espoma Biotone root stimulator. Plant with the root ball ½ to 1 inch above the grade. Mulch as usual with 1 to 2 inches of mulch.

For established plants showing moisture stress, pull back the mulch from around the plant, to allow the soil moisture to evaporate off quicker, and lightly cultivate the top inch of soil to promote drying. Be on the look out for any overflowing gutters, plugged drains or low spots that gather and retain water.

Oakland INSIDE & OUT Garden & Gifts

5211-B Johnstown Road New Albany, OH 43054 | p: 614-573-8648

Oakland INSIDE & OUT Garden & Gifts


Visit the newest member of the Oakland Nursery family! Learn more here.


New Albany Garden Center - Spring
New Albany Garden Center - Welcome
New Albany Garden Center - Spring
New Albany Garden Center - Spring
New Albany Garden Center - Spring
New Albany Garden Center - Spring
New Albany Garden Center - Spring
New Albany Garden Center - Spring
New Albany Garden Center - Spring

Fall Business Hours

Monday – Saturday 8am - 7pm
Sunday 9am - 6pm


  • 39th Annual Fall Festival!!!
    October 12 - October 13

    Sales, door prizes, special guests & events, and all-you-can-carry pumpkins!

    Events include: food truck concessions (Tortilla Truck on Saturday while Schmidt's Sausage on Sunday), 103.9 Radio appearance with Andersen Windows, musical entertainment, face painting, petting zoo/pony rides, pancake breakfast, kids' fishing derby, tractor pulled hay rides, and kids'/family entertainment (that includes a giant slide, balloon artist, bounce house, mechanical bull, obstacle course, & Hamster Balls for adults).

June/July Gardening To-Do’s

Beside the usual, here are a few tasks to add to the gardening work list:

  • Fertilize roses after first bloom, and watch for insects and disease.
  • Thin fruit trees with heavy fruit set.
  • Turn the compost pile.
  • Side dress plants with compost or fish emulsion for mid season feeding.
  • Keep staking tomatoes as they grow. Pinch suckers.
  • Shear back thinning annuals by a third to rejuvenate.
  • Divide iris, pinch mums and asters back to bush up.
  • Get ready to dig garlic and onions.
  • Stop harvesting Asparagus and Rhubarb so they build up reserves for next year.
  • Prune evergreens as new growth matures.
  • Take softwood cutting for propagation as new growth matures.
  • Watch for leaf scorch on houseplants brought outside and on variegated plants in full sun.
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