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Creating aesthetic and design value for street, sidewalk, patio users and property owners through the use of plant-filled containers and planting beds.  

Plant materials soften the harsh textures of concrete and asphalt with greenery and color, inviting clients and visitors into a welcoming space! Our custom container plantings can be coordinated with your property, style, and taste. 

Oakland's Streetscape department provides year-round color and visual interest to commercial and residential properties throughout the greater Columbus area (and beyond).  Custom seasonal containers and planting displays are maintained and watered through the season, ensuring effortless beauty, value, and curb appeal for your business, residence, or homeowners association.

Our four part seasonal rotation brings the best of every season to your door:

  • Spring – Enjoy the welcome of warm weather with early season bloomers like pansies, azaleas, and forsythia.
  • Summer – Containers with lively tropicals and colorful annuals that are sure to bring pizzazz.
  • Fall – The hues of the warm autumn colors and ornamental veggies will lead you right into fall harvest season.
  • Winter – Settle in for the cold season and enjoy looking out your window at  snow covered evergreens.

We offer:

  • Custom container plantings and container gardens to match your style and taste
  • Purchase or rental programs to fit your budget needs
  • Short term rentals for special events--weddings, parties, conferences, festivals (rentals currently serving Columbus area only)
  • Green walls and vertical gardens for a modern and unique look
  • Installation of annual flower beds for residential or commercial properties
  • Design and installation of rooftop gardens, outdoor dining and patio containers, and custom residential planters.
  • Regular maintenance (watering, fertilizing, pruning) during the growing season (May-Sept)

Contact Oakland Streetscapes for your custom container planting at 614-268-9466



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Downtown Streetscapes - Summer


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