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80 Years at Oakland Nursery

Since 1940, Oakland Nursery has been dedicated to bringing high quality plant material to central Ohio homes and businesses. We've grown from a small store on Maize Road, to four retail operations, a wholesale farm, a comprehensive landscape design/build firm, and two specialty shops. Stop by one of our retail locations today.

A few sweet memories from our wonderful clients and customers:

"When my son, John, went to AG Bell I would walk to get him and on the way home we would cut through Oakland Nursery and walk through the trees and play hide and seek. After that we would go to the gazebo swing and he would tell me about his day or make up a story. He goes to Indianola now but in the summer we still make it a point to walk over and continue the tradition." --Kelly D.

"Well I love Oakland Nursery at Christmas, we started taking our granddaughter to see Santa at age 1 which she wasn't thrilled about him at 1. LOL...but we continued the tradition up till she was 10. It was so fun to see folks smiling, laughing, enjoying Santa, the decorations which are always beautiful." --Janette G.

"I remember Mr. Reiner from a very young age. My Dad would go their to purchase plants, and I loved to listen to Mr. Reiner's accent. I also watched that site transform over the years. First, as a student walking past each day on my way home from St. James the Less school, and then as a fledgling horticulture student, up until current days." --Mary M.



Gus Reiner
Gus Reiner
Gus Reiner in the greenhouse
Oakland Nursery Home & Garden Show display, c. 1965
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