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New Albany Garden Center

New Albany Garden Center

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Late Fall and Christmas at Oakland Nursery, New Albany

As the holidays draw near, there is still plenty of work to do outside. There is raking to finish, pruning and transplanting to be done, vegetable gardens to mulch for the spring, and trees and shrubs to plant. Speaking of planting, Oakland still has great inventory of many trees and shrubs, most at up to 50% off.

But soon, the whisper of holiday to-do’s will take over, and there will be boxes to pull out, lights to put up, and trimmings to hang. Oakland Nursery is also busy getting ready to provide our loyal customers with all their holiday needs. We have live and fresh-cut evergreen trees, greens, and wreaths, and our greenhouse is full of poinsettias, custom potted greens arrangements, and other holiday greenery.

Be sure to stop in our gift section for really unique gifts and holiday accents for the home, then stroll next door to Oakland Inside & Out Specialty Store for even more gift ideas. Like all the Oakland store locations, the New Albany store will feature holiday events and Santa (on weekends) after Thanksgiving. Explore our web page further for details!

Protecting Landscape Plants from Winter Damage

The brutal winter storm of 2022 damaged many landscape plants in central Ohio. While you cannot prevent all damage to plants from extreme weather events, you can prevent damage to many by helping plants prepare for cold temperatures and heavy snow.

  • Make sure your plants enter the cold season well-watered, especially plants under eaves and in the rain ‘shadow’ of structures. Cover the soil with mulch to moderate soil temperatures around the root systems.
  • Wrap dense or weak limbed plants with string or burlap to protect them from splitting during heavy ice or snow events.
  • Extensive evergreen hedges such as boxwoods can be shielded with burlap covers to prevent winter damage during very cold but sunny winter days. Anti-desiccant sprays such as ‘Wilt Pruf’ can be sprayed directly on evergreens to help prevent winter drying or damage.
  • Hybrid tea roses require specific steps in preparing plants for winter. Leave old foliage from perennials and ornamental grasses in place till late February to help protect root crowns of these plants and provide overwintering protection for native insects.
  • Stop by your local Oakland Nursery and talk to a plant expert for more tips.


The queen of holiday indoor plants is the Poinsettia, which has its origins as an unassuming herbaceous plant in Mexico. Through the magic of floriculture breeders, poinsettias are now available in a vast array of colors and habits. Red, of course, is the traditional favorite.

When picking a poinsettia, make sure that the plant is well watered and has good color, and that the small yellow flowers in the middle of the bloom are bright and fresh.

Caring for a poinsettia is easy. Protect your plant from cold drafts and keep watered well. Your plant should hold its blooms well past New Year.

Adventurous green thumbs can try their hand at growing the poinsettia through the following year and trying to get it to bloom again next year!

Oakland INSIDE & OUT Specialty Store

5211-B Johnstown Road New Albany, OH 43054 | p: 614-573-8648

Visit the newest member of the Oakland Nursery family! Learn more here.


New Albany Garden Center - Holidays
New Albany Garden Center - Holidays
New Albany Garden Center - Holidays
New Albany Garden Center - Holidays
New Albany Garden Center - Holidays
New Albany Garden Center - Holidays
New Albany Garden Center - Holidays
New Albany Garden Center - Holidays
New Albany Garden Center - Holidays

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Monday - Saturday 9am - 8pm
Sunday 9am - 6pm
Christmas &
New Year’s Days
Christmas Eve 9am - 2pm
New Year’s Eve 9am - 1pm

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  • Holiday Events
    November 25 - December 17

    * Santa will be on location Saturdays & Sundays from 12 noon – 3:30 pm starting Saturday, November 25th – December 10th.
    * Singers from the New Albany High School Music Department will perform on Sundays, November 26th & December 3rd from 2-3 pm.
    * Other weekend events & guests including horse drawn carriage rides. Please call the store for more details.
    * Breakfast with Santa Event! Santa will be here Saturday, December 16th, from 9:00 - 11:00 am to visit children while they enjoy light breakfast food and refreshments. No reservations are required. Call 614-917-1020 for more information.
    ** Events are subject to change without further notice **

Late Fall To-Do's

  • Bring in Houseplants that have summered outdoors.
  • Plant Spring bulbs. Dig up and store tender bulbs such as dahlia, cannas, gladiolas, elephant ears, and caladiums.
  • Empty, clean, and store, all planters( upside down), glass rain gauges and bird feeders, and garden art.
  • Store outdoor furniture.
  • Use rose collars to mulch the base of roses. Use burlap to protect susceptible plants from winter wind.
  • Store tools, hoses, rain barrels, and fountains. Winterize ponds and their equipment. Shut off faucets and insulate.
  • Take cuttings for indoor growing. (Like geraniums, tomatoes)
  • Dig winter vegetables before the ground freezes
  • Use mulch, leaves, and cover crops to protect soil and plants.
  • Protect plants from deer damage by wrapping tree trunks and netting valuable plants.
  • Prune dead, damaged, or diseased branches from trees and shrubs. Leave any cutting back for late February. Leave wilted perennial growth and seed pods till spring. It protects plants. Make sure to tag plants so you know where they are.
  • Turn or use compost from the pile. Keep leaves on hand to add through winter.
  • Cut grass late. Store gas-powered equipment.
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