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Well, Hello Summer!

Let's see, what project to start first at this point? To be frank my first project is almost always to make myself a wish list of projects that I would like to complete before summer really sets in. Then I will prioritize what needs to be done first. An example could be to get cool weather crops into the ground (broccoli, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, etc.) before I clean up flower beds. And I really enjoy crossing items off of my list!

Cleaning up the deck and patio will be the next thing on this wish list along with getting all of the outdoor furniture out of storage and put in place. What a great start! To finish decorating these areas how about several beautiful hanging annual baskets and planters chosen from the extensive selection here at Oakland Nursery Delaware. They are sure to be colorful and fun!

Or maybe you have some of your own containers that you would like to have planted. We do provide that service for our customers. You would just need to bring in your containers and work with one of our experts in deciding the particulars of what you would like in the way of colors, style, cost, etc. Your salesperson will then call when your project is completed. You will then come in to the store, pay for them, take them home and place them. Ta Da! Your decor is complete! With time left over to sit with a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy the beauty!

Or you might prefer to have the fun of planting your own containers. And it is fun picking out your own selection of materials and playing in the soil! There is just something about connecting to the earth in this way that is so rewarding. An easy to remember guideline for choosing plant material is to remember to have thrillers, fillers and spillers. Easy peasy.

Please note late spring or early summer is the perfect time to apply grub control to your lawn. This will go a long way to help disrupt the life cycle before the grub eggs hatch. Make sure to mow your lawn first and be sure it is dry with no rain expected for about 24 hours. After that period of time has passed water in well to get the process started to interrupt the life cycle and reduce the Japanese beetle population. Both in grub form and beetle form these pests are highly destructive to your lawn and plants. For your safety be sure to dress properly (long sleeves and pants, goggles, gloves, etc.) when handling any chemicals.

Now that we have that bit of timely reality out of the way let's just enjoy ourselves. To make evenings outside more pleasant stock up on any kind of natural mosquito repellants. This could include plants, incense sticks and candles. In the Gift Barn & Loft we carry a line of citronella incense sticks in four different fragrances. These come in a cylinder that holds 30 long sticks. I used this last year and they really do work quite well. Or try one or two of the citronella candle fragrances from Illume. These also come in a variety of scents.

Of course you could also consider planting some insect repellant plants around your outdoor spaces. Some suggested plants would include lemongrass, citronella grass (be aware this can get to be 6 feet tall), lavender, marigolds, mint, eucalyptus, bee balm, floss flower, basil, catnip, lemon-scented geraniums and rosemary to name a few. Any of these will deter mosquitos and a range of other pests. Just something to think about for natural AND beautiful repellants.

The big, noisy celebration on the 4th of July! Who doesn't love a grand fireworks show! Well, none of the neighborhood pets or livestock care for all of the commotion. So let's keep them feeling safe and secure while we enjoy the show.

Now is a good time to sign off and go enjoy my patio and new plants.
Enjoy your summer folks!


CUSTOM CONTAINER PLANTINGSCan’t seem to find exactly what you’re looking for? Maybe a color scheme isn’t what you were envisioning, or the premade planters are never the right scale for your area. Whatever the case may be, Oakland Nursery is happy to customize seasonal containers for you! Let us create a custom combination planter for your home, based upon YOUR specifications!

You can pick from our wide selection of pottery or bring in your own container. You can pick out exactly what you want or just give us some guidelines and let us do our magic.

Colorful containers can start as early as February and go as late as November, and there are many options for holiday greens arrangements to fill even the coldest months!

Prices are dependent upon the plant selection and container size. Additives such as Soil Moist and slow release fertilizers are also available options. We will do our best to understand your needs and make informed, educated decisions about what plants will work best for your location and lifestyle.

Call us or stop in anytime, we are here to help!


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Delaware Garden Center - Spring
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