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Landscaping Design Services

Landscaping Design Services

Don't know where to begin? Let one of our landscape architects draw a design to address a specific landscape need or an entire master plan that integrates all your landscape ideas. Going through the design process with one of our experienced designers is a cost effective way to enhance the value of your property whether we install the landscape or you do it yourself.

Design Fees The cost of a design is primarily based on the size of area that will be landscaped. Typical residential designs starts at $300 for a small, simple, front or back foundation plan (plantings next to house), then go up depending on size and complexity. This rate is based on the time it will take a designer to review your property, take measurements, draw up a plan, then walk you through the design and estimate.  Charging a design fee is the most equitable way to provide the homeowner with the best possible landscape design while compensating our designers and architects for their time and effort.

Project Minimum Within our division, we have a minimum of $2,500 to install landscape design projects, which includes the plants, material and labor.

Just have a few questions or need a little knowledgeable advice? Consultations are a cost effective way to get expert answers from one of our landscape architects. The cost is $70 for the first half hour (travel time is included) and then $70 per hour after the first half hour.

Developing a commercial property? Oakland Design offers a full range of design services from initial site planning to detailed landscape plans. Commercial designs are priced based on the estimated time required to create the plan, associated construction documents and specifications.

The Design Process

Initial phone call from the designer
One of our designers will call you to schedule a time to meet with you at your home. The designer will also ask you some questions to better understand your needs, objectives, and the scope of what you want to accomplish. The designer will also provide you with an estimate of the design fee.

Meeting at your home
The designer will walk your property, asking you some additional questions and taking notes that will be used in developing your design. The designer will also discuss your anticipated budget and complete a site survey. The site survey consists of taking measurements and possibly photographs that facilitate developing an accurate plan. At this time you will asked to pay for the design so that the designer can complete your landscape plan.

Developing the plan
Depending on the complexity of the plan, the designer may be able to draw the plan while still at the property or it may take several days or weeks to complete. The plan will be a scaled drawing showing the type and location of the plants and other landscape features. The plan will either be sent or dropped off to you. Once you review the plan, the designer will answer questions you might have. Generally most designers will make one revision to the plan as part of the original design fee. If desired you will also be provided with an estimate of what it would cost to have Oakland install the landscape.

Landscaping Timeline

Our design division typically has a large backlog of requests and wait times can vary from a few weeks to a few months depending on the time of year the request is submitted. Requests placed in early spring are typically installed in the summer, summer requests in late fall/early winter and fall/winter requests fulfilled the following spring. We do our best to fulfill as many requests as possible and work on a first come, first served basis.

Design Staff

Oakland's Design has more formally trained Landscape Architects and Designers on staff than any other landscape contractor in Central Ohio. Additionally the design staff has over 225 years of combined experience in the landscape industry and has won numerous local, state and national awards.

John Doone
Landscape Designer

Kathie Rath
Landscape Designer

Gary Huston
Landscape Designer

Allison Miller
Associate of Landscape Design, Columbus State

Clinton Calhoun
Master of Landscape Architecture, The Ohio State University; BS, Plant Biology, Ohio University;

Lori Francisco Botkins
B.S. Landscape Architecture, The Ohio State University

John Reiner
ASLA, B.S. The Ohio State University

Bryan Joyce
B.S. Landscape Architecture, The Ohio State University



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