• GARDEN CENTER HOURS: Monday - Saturday, 8 am - 7 pm; Sunday, 9 am - 6 pm

Employment Opportunities

Come grow with us in the Environmental and Green Industry. Do something positive that will help you and future generations. Build wonderful spaces for people and wildlife while working with the oxygen machines that make life possible and pleasurable. You can take advantage of one of the best benefit and pay packages in the green industry while working "out-of-doors" in casual, comfortable attire. Please call one of the numbers below for questions regarding employment opportunities.

Job Postings

Oakland Nurseries is hiring for the following positions at each of our garden centers—full-time, part-time, and seasonal work available! For the garden store positions, print out and complete the application on the right and bring it in to the relevant store.

Columbus Store:

  • Loaders
  • Cashiers
  • Gift Department Associate
  • Garden Center Sales

Delaware Store:

  • Cashiers
  • Garden Center Sales
  • Loaders

Dublin Store:

  • Cashiers
  • Garden Center Sales
  • Oakland HOME staff

New Albany Store:

  • Cashiers
  • Garden Center Sales
  • Loaders

Landscape Design/Construction (see below)

Interiorscapes/Streetscapes/Holiday (see below)

Landscape Foreman/Crew Leader

Oakland Design Associates is seeking Crew Leaders/Foremen to manage landscape installation crews. Landscape foremen work directly with landscape designers and project managers to build landscapes for commercial and residential clients.

View the full job description

Landscape Crew Member

Oakland Design Associates is seeking Landscape Construction Crew Members to work directly with landscape foremen and crew leaders to build landscapes for commercial and residential clients.

View the full job description

Streetscapes/Landscape Installer

Streetscape crew members have the opportunity to work all over Columbus doing a wide variety of projects.  Crew members get their hands dirty installing seasonal plant displays in containers, water and maintain those containers throughout the season, install and clean up small landscape projects, and install holiday decor in homes and offices.


View the full job description

Contact Information

Administration, Accounting, Business, Marketing, Senior Management and Department Heads – Garden Centers, Nursery, Wholesale and Pottery: Paul Reiner – (614) 268-3511

Landscape Architecture, Visionary Sustainable Land Planning, Marketing, Senior Management, Division Heads – Interior Scapes, Irrigation, Night Lighting and Street Scapes: John Reiner, ASLA – (614) 268-3834 ext.160

Garden Centers:

Oakland Nursery-Columbus: Shawn Schilling – (614) 268-3511

Oakland Nursery-Delaware: Jason Mitchell – (740) 548-6633

Oakland Nursery-Dublin: George Marinov – (614) 874-2400

Oakland Nursery-New Albany: Andy Bartram – (614) 917-1020

Oakland Irrigation: Chris Meyer - (614) 268-3444

Oakland Night Lighting: Chris Meyer - (614) 268-3444

Oakland Landscape Construction: John Doone – (614) 268-3834

Oakland HOME: Sandy Warner – (614) 874-2400

Oakland Street Scapes: Evelyn Chamberlin – (614) 268-9466

Oakland Interiorscapes: Evelyn Chamberlin – (614) 268-9466

Oakland Wholesale: Ivan Stefanov – (614) 268-1861

Employment Application Form

Please download form, complete, and return (with resume) to one of Oakland's four locations either by mail or in person. 

Download the form

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