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Interiorscaping is the thoughtful art of using tropical + interior plants with natural elements to bring aesthetic and fresh air to your home, office, and/or business.  


Oakland Interiorscapes offers in-home or office design consultations and estimates at no cost. All designs are custom-tailored to suit your theme by using "the right plant-in the right place" policy. We use live or artificial specimens depending on your preference or needs.

We offer:

  • Plant maintenance provided bi-weekly by trained technicians to keep your plants looking great with 100% guarantee.
  • Blooming plant rotation programs available for our commercial clients.    
  • Organic displays (i.e. bamboo, stone applications, and indoor water features).
  • Custom designed moss walls and moss art of any size. Learn more about moss walls here!
  • Plant wall and green wall vertical plantings with unique, no-hassle watering systems.
  • Special event tropical plant rental--including portable moss and plant walls for backdrops or photo booths! Click here for more information about rental plants for your special event!


Call us now to request a seasonal plant rotation featuring our new succulent, air plant, and/or tropical table arrangements! 614-268-9466


Benefits of Interior Plants

  • Biofiltration absorbs toxins in the air
  • Regulate humidity with transpiration
  • Reduce stress in the workplace through biophilia
  • Release oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide
  • Reduce background noise
  • Call our division today to set up an authentically green presentation and see for yourself how plants can enhance your environment!

 Looking for more info? Here are some great resources and the science behind why plants are great!

Plants are Perfect Partners      Plants Do That!



Rental Moss wall with additional floral garland
Custom moss wall art
Living plant wall
Living Wall with bromiliads and faux accents
Living Wall with bromiliads and faux accents
Easton green wall
Custom Fall Design w/ dried florals
Custom moss design
Rental moss wall


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