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Interiorscaping is the thoughtful art of using tropical + interior plants with natural elements to bring aesthetics and fresh air to your home, office, and/or business.

As we all transition to a post-COVID19 workplace, our team can provide biophilic office solutions that will benefit staff, employees, and clients.


Oakland Interiorscapes offers in-home or office design consultations with estimates at no cost. All designs are custom-tailored to suit your space by using "the right plant-in the right place" policy. Biophilic office design utilizes proven scientific research to create work spaces that are calming, encourage focus, and promote wellness. We can use live or artificial specimens depending on your preference or needs.


  • Plant maintenance from trained technicians to keep your plants looking great with 100% guarantee.
  • Tropical plant and succulent rotation programs available for our commercial clients.  
  • Custom designed moss walls and moss art of any size. Moss walls are an amazing way to bring no-maintenance nature into your space and they provide many of the same biophilic benefits that living plants provide. Learn more here!
  • Plant wall and green wall vertical plantings with unique, no-hassle watering systems.
  • Special event tropical plant rental--including portable moss walls and plant walls for backdrops or photo booths! Click for more information about rental plants for your special event!


Biophilic Workplace Design--Benefits of Interior Plants


  • Biofiltration absorbs toxins in the air
  • Regulate humidity with transpiration
  • Reduce stress in the workplace through biophilia
  • Release oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide
  • Plants and natural elements promote focus, attention, and creativity
  • Reduce background noise
  • Looking for CEUs? We offer accredited Green Plants for Green Buildings presentations to learn more about how plants can enhance your environment!


Now, more than ever, we are thinking about workplaces that are safe, healthy, and still productive.  Biophilic office design provides elements that do those things and will continue to serve you long after the pandemic. 


Looking for more info? Give us a call or send us an email--our team would love to find ways to make your workplace a greener, healthier place to be. 


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Custom Moss Design
Orchid Living Art Rotation
Natural Element Room Divider
Custom Moss wall design
Oasis by Plush custom moss wall
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Nosh on High faux hanging
Residential Custom Moss wall


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