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Interiorscaping is the thoughtful art of using tropical + interior plants with natural elements to bring aesthetic and fresh air to your home, office, and/or business.  


Oakland Interiorscapes offers in-home or office design consultations and estimates at no cost. All designs are custom-tailored to suit your theme by using "the right plant-in the right place" policy. We use live or artificial specimens depending on your preference or needs.

We offer:

  • Plant maintenance provided bi-weekly by trained technicians to keep your plants looking great with 100% guarantee.
  • Blooming plant rotation programs available for our commercial clients.    
  • Organic displays (i.e. bamboo, stone applications, and indoor water features).
  • Custom designed moss walls and moss art of any size.
  • Plant wall and green wall vertical plantings with unique, no-hassle watering systems.
  • Special event tropical plant rental--including portable moss and plant walls for backdrops or photo booths!


Call us now to request a seasonal plant rotation featuring our new succulent, air plant, and/or tropical table arrangements! 614-268-9466


Benefits of Interior Plants

  • Biofiltration absorbs toxins in the air
  • Regulate humidity with transpiration
  • Reduce stress in the workplace through biophilia
  • Release oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide
  • Reduce background noise
  • Call our division today to set up an authentically green presentation and see for yourself how plants can enhance your environment!



Custom Fall Design w/ dried florals
Custom moss design
Rental moss wall
Succulent Container Rotation
Riverside Hospital planter
Commercial Interiorscapes
Residential Interiorscapes
NiSource floral rotation
Commercial Interiorscapes


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